Thursday, September 18, 2008

3D Textured Text Effect

Just want to share the tutorial on how you can make a stylized 3D textured text effect using various textures to give it a unique look with Illustrator & Photoshop. Just, visit this site

This one is my artwork:)

Welcome to my blog!

I am Antonette Villanueva, the Accountant/Bookkeeper of Q-tech BPO, the IT solutions provider in the Philippines and abroad. Some excerpt from the company I'm working with... Q-tech BPO, is the hand-maker of different websites, some of that are, and company is also the spices of different company; from point of sale/inventory systems to Windows Forms Developer, Oracle DBA, Oracle Application Developer, and Web Developers developed an based reporting system using 2005, Chart FX 6.2 and oracle 10g. Sounds interesting, do u? Visit our site to learn about more.

Being one of the qtech’iers is as much as I enroll in school, I learned a lot of things that is not realted to my profession. From journal books, trial balance, calculator… financial books to layering, patching, cloning… picture editing, digitizing maps for GIS, using Joomla! (CMS) and knowing that there will always help you, the search engines especially GOOGLE.

Other of that, I love my Qtech family… the bonding, the laughs, the smiles and the way they care for me. :)